Nigeria: 'Buhari must hurry'

President Buhari has landed Image copyright AFP
Image example On Monday 21 August, President Buhari go talk to Nigerians for im first national address since months.

Nigerians wan see President Muhammadu Buhari begin dey face the fight against corruption wey im start, before e leave the the country, or else, make im resign.

Dis na wetin one of the activists wey follow arrange di #ResumeOrResign protest for Nigeria talk.

Deji Adeyanju say make President Buhari march break, accelerate the car wey wan jam corruption as im don finally return from London, where e go treat imself for hospital.

Na on Saturday Mr Buhari return from London after im stay there for 103 days on top sickness wey nobodi still know.

Mr Adeyanju tell BBC say "we happy say Buhari don come back" but "we want am to continue im fight against corruption."

Im say e still dey wonder why people dey celebrate say Buhari don return from London when corruption full everywhere.

"Im leave im work for 103 days, so nothing dey to celebrate, we dey happy but this na time for am to move fast."

Im say since President Buhari comot the country, nobodi know how far again with different cases of corruption wey bin dey happen, and "Police still dey collect bribe, corruption still dey for civil service..."

Na just last week bad-bad people attack di head office of EFCC - wey be di office wey dey fight curroption matter for Nigeria

Mr Adeyanju say with the work wey dey ground, if President Buhari heath no fit allow am perform well, make im just resign, comot all him hand from dis President work.

#BabaOyoyo na im trend for Nigeria

The President jet wey be Eagle One, don land for Nnamdi Azikiwe International airport for about 4:30pm on Saturday.

Na so Nigerians enter social media, dey talk about the President return. Na hashtag #BabaOyoyo na im Nigerians use take celebrate, or vex about the matter. Baba Oyoyo mean 'Papa, welcome' for Nigerian language.

Part of the people wey dey ground to welcome the President na the Acting President Professor Yemi Osinbajo, members of the executive council, the national security adviser Babagana Monguno, and some governors and some other Presidential aides.

President Buhari go address Nigerians on Monday August 21st, and people hope say dem go know more about im health, and all the plan wey im get for Nigeria.

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