Experts say make UN stop 'killer robots'

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Image example Expert dey warn say robots dey dangerous

More than 100 people wey sabi don tell United Nations, UN, say make dem take action to prevent di development of wetin dem call "killer robotics."

Di letter from di Artificial Intelligence (AI) oga dem, wey include billionaire, Elon Musk, don warn about wetin dem call "a third revolution of war."

The letter dey talk about "lethal independence" technology and say once dem develop am, e go allow armed conflict to go certain level wey human beings never see before.

"This fit be weapon for terror, weapon wey fit oppress and terrorist fit use am against innocent people," dem talk.

The technology leaders dey warn say di whole world no get enough time to act. "Once this Pandora box open e go dey hard to close."

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Killer robot dey possible

Wetin be 'killer robot'?

Killer Robot na independent weapon wey fit select and hit target without human help.

E no dey exist for now but the way technology dey go, e dey bring dem close to reality.

People wey dey favour robots believe say the current law of war dey ok to handle any problem wey fit happen if dem use robots.

Dem dey argue say suspension, not total ban, suppose happen if this na di case.

But those wey no like dis tevhnology don talk say robots na threat to humans.

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