Buhari speech: Nigerians talk to BBC Pidgin

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Image example Buhari speech don cause people to talk well-well for social media

After dem don wait for over 100 days to see or hear from their president, Nigerians finally get chance to hear from am on Monday. But the speech don turn out to be di shortest wey any Nigerian President don ever give.

Di president wey come back from London last week Saturday, talk to im country people for radio and TV broadcast on Monday morning.

Im talk say the unity of Nigeria dey "settled and not negotiable" and say some comments on social media don dey cross di "red line."

President Buhari don already resume work; im Spokesperson Femi Adesina say President Buhari "step into im office" today around 11am local time.

After di speech, dis na wetin people talk on top BBC News Pidgin Facebook page:

Three things wey Buhari no talk

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Nigeria: Three things wey Buhari no talk

Nigerians still talk for Twitter

Dis na some of di things wey people open mouth talk about di matter, for other places:

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Buhari for 2017

  • 19 January: Travel go London for "medical vacation"
  • 5 February: Tell National Assembly to extend im medical leave
  • 10 March: Return to Nigeria but im no start work immediately
  • 7 May: Travel go to London for more treatment
  • 6 June: Him wife say im dey recover fast
  • 19 August: Buhari return to Nigeria
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Image copyright Twitter

Topics Wey Dem Resemble

Another thing we de for inside dis tori