How Lagos dey cope with big population

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Image example People from different parts of Nigeria dey go Lagos go hustle

By 2050 Nigeria population go double pass di number of people wey im get today, and more than half of Nigerians go dey for cities; about 60% of the people dem go be under 25 years.

According to di United Nations, UN, in 30 years time, Nigeria go overtake USA to become di third country wey get people pass.

Nigeria dey follow China and India for back.

UN still talk say Nigeria go use 14 million take pass di population of US.

Every week, tens of thousands of people dey go Lagos to hustle, and many of dem dey end up for slums. Nobody know exactly how many people dey live for Lagos, but di crowd dey fear people.

Muktar Abdulhamid na one of these kind people. Im come from rural village from Kano, north west Nigeria, begin dey stay one crowded area for Lagos mainland.

E tell BBC say im leave im wife and pickin to come hustle, dey iron cloth for people for small-small money for Lagos.

''Dis no be wetin I been plan to come do for Lagos but I no get choice," Abdulhamid talk.

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'No be say I like Lagos.'

Waterfront no dey as e be before

Lagos State Mega city project na one of Lagos State government plan to transform Lagos - dem wan build tall tall houses wey be skyscraper.

Authorities say dem dey do projects to make Lagos State stand with other mega cities for di world.

But tori be say one of di ways dem dey do am na to collect land wey ocean don swallow. Also, dem dey clear slums wey dey near waterfronts and dis one dey affect many people wey dey stay there.

Elebiomayo Folashade na one of di people wey don dey affected. She bin dey do well for slum but no be so again.

"Dem don destroy me and my husband boats. Now, dem don drive my children from school because I no fit pay school fees.''

But Lagos State government say people no get any reason to fear.

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Image example Government dey demolish slums for Lagos

Lagos still respond

Steve Ayorinde wey bi Lagos State Commissioner for Information and Strategy say government care about im people and dey communicate with dem.

Mr Ayorinde say na lie say the state no dey consider people wey don stay one place for some time, before dem drive dem comot.

''I no dey aware say communities dey for that waterfront wey don dey there for generations; that na just easy lie for people to talk.''

Di Commissioner say wetin dem dey do for Lagos no dey different from wetin dey happen for other parts of the world like New York, USA and London, United Kingdom.

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