Niger: Why Men dey learn family planning

Experts dey talk say if Nigér no dey careful, dia population fit too grow
Image example Experts dey talk say if Nigér no dey careful, dia population fit grow pass wetin everybodi go fit handle.

By 2050, Africa population suppose double wetin e be now, but for one country wey dem dey born pickin pass, e be like say dem population go grow times three.

Dat country na Nigér.

For Nigér, women fit born average of 7.6 pickins - and for village area wey be Zinder, some dey born pass dis number.

No be for mouth; any village wey you enter - pickins dey everywhere.

Some of dis pickins sef get pickin - for Niger, half of di girls don marry before dem reach 15 years.

As country economy dey grow and dia people dey make money, di number of pickins dey usually reduce, but Nigér na one of di world poorest countries.

Dr Hassane Atamo, wey be head of the government family planning division say "for Nigér, we get national characteristic wey be say na to born pickin, and pickin na sign of person wey get money plus power.

"One major problem be say as people dey born plenty pickin, e dey hard to take care of dem and send dem go school."

Men too, dey the matter

For di other side of town, men dey cross-leg for ground under tree; dem come to dey talk something wey concern dem - dem dey call dis one 'husband school.'

As dem dey talk health, education matter and farming, na so di men dey talk breastfeeding plus family planning.

All dis one na part of di same programme - wey dem dey call Project Sawki. All dis one na to reduce as women dey die wen dem dey born, plus stop the number of pickins wey dey die before dem reach five years.

Education dey very important to help reduce as people dey born pickin, so di project na also to make people no too dey born plenty.

Mudaha Musa, 27 tell BBC say im bin feel say e suppose get five or six pickin wey dey enough for am. Dat one go add two or three pickins to di one wey im don already get.

"True-true, problem no dey to born plenty pickin, but as we don start dis husband school, we don dey see as things dey change," na wetin Mr Musa talk.

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