Africa wan host 2025 World Championship

Hamad Kalkaba Malboum, president of CAA and Lord Sebastian Coe, president of IAAF Image copyright Valery Hache
Image example Kalkaba say president of IAAF, Lord Coe support make Africa host di competition

The oga of Africa athletics say di continent go bid to host di 2025 World Championships.

Africa never host di event wey dey hold every two years before, even though many of di winners dey come from di continent.

Hamad Kalkaba Malboum wey bi president of di Confederation of African Athletics (CAA) say im believe dat one out of six African nations go bid.

"We dey follow Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco talk, because dem get di facilities. And tori wey we dey hear from dem dey make sense," na wetin Mr Kalkaba talk.

Morocco na di only African country wey don host one part of di Diamond League, wey bi annual athletics event wey dem dey do from May to September, around di world.

Also, city of Casablanca for Morocco na di last for Africa to try to host di World Championships, after their 2011 bid wey no make am.

Mr Kalkaba say hope dey because World Cross Country Championships wey hold for Uganda in March and World U-18 Championships wey happen for Kenya dis July dey successful.

E even mention di 2011 World Cup wey South Africa host, as example: "People talk say Africa no go fit host football World Cup, but we do am very well."

We get support

Mr Kalkaba, wey don dey in charge of CAA since 2003, say di President of athletics governing body IAAF, support di idea.

"President Sebastian Coe support di fact say Africa fit host World Championships."

Image copyright AFP
Image example Kenya finish for second position on medals table for London 2017 Athletics World Championships

As dem don award the 2019 event to Qatar and 2021 event to United States, na the 2023 own be di next one wey countries go begin bid for.

But Mr Kalkaba wey don dey follow political leaders talk on top di matter, including Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta, believe say even 2023 dey too early for Africa.

Im say Africa never host the competition before, because athletics no popular reach football for the continent and also "because we dey face many other social problems like health, education, building roads or railways. Sometimes political leaders dey fear to spend big money to host.

"But now, many of them don reason am say hosting the event go put dia country for attention of di world, and e go promote tourism join. So benefit dey dia. This no be di case before."

Na for year 2020 dem go decide who go host the 2025 competition.

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