Why Ghana dey launch satellite for space

Nine countries for Africa dey use Ghana learn work for Satellite launching Image copyright PIUS UTOMI EKPEI/GETTY IMAGES
Image example Nine countries for Africa dey use Ghana learn work for satellite launching

Ghana go join di league of nations wey dey occupy di heavens today as president, Nana Akufo-Addo, go launch first satellite dish into space.

With dis launch, Ghana go be di second country for Africa to launch satellite from inside di country. The first na South Africa. This go help scientists from around di world know wetin dey happen for inside Ghana.

Di satellite na part of work wey di Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) and di Square Kilometer Array Africa (SKA Africa), wey dey for South Africa join hand do.

Professor Dickson Adomako wey dey work for GAEC say dis na only stage one for the satellite plan wey dem do and di next thing na to begin dey build satellite dish for ground wey go dey collect information from di sky.

Di professor also talk say when di project go finish for around 2019, di South African company wey help dem go release their hand, come leave am for Ghana to manage.

Professor Adomako also talk say di launch of this satellite dish go help build tourism for Ghana as scientists from all over di world go wan come see how di satellite dey work.

Dis one no be di first time wey Ghana name dey link with space.

For June dis year, three engineering graduates for di All Nations University College, Ghana join hand with Kyutech Institute of Technology to build wetin them call GhanaSat-1.

Di students launch satellite cube wey be di first African university satellite.