People wey dey enter UK don reduce

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Image example Brexit fit be reason why people no dey enter UK like before

New report don show say di number of people wey dey enter United Kingdom don reduce.

According to di report wey come out just after di election wey happen for June, di Office for National Statistics for UK say di average number of people wey dey enter di country by March 2017 don drop by 81,000 people from di people wey enter di UK for di same period, last year.

More than half of di people wey no dey stay UK again na people wey dey come from di European Union wey dey run go their house after UK people don vote for Brexit.

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Image example Companies dey worry say dem fit no get workers

For 2015, e reach up to 130,000 people from Nigeria wey enter UK. Dat na wetin di British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Mr Paul Arkwright bin talk.

These figures dey affect di international students pass, as di study show say 95% of international students dey pack their bags go back house after them finish their studies for UK.

Talk talk person for the Institute of Directors talk say, this no be good news for UK as unemployment crises fit happen as no more foreigners go dey wey go dey come their country to work.

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