President Buhari fit cause another Boko Haram - Southern Leaders

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Buhari speech fit lead to another Boko Haram- Odumakin

Southern Leaders Forum, don warn President Muhammadu Buhari say im broadcast to Nigerians, on Monday morning, where im dey talk about " national red line" fit create another Boko Haram for di country.

President Buhari for im speech last Monday talk say while im bin dey London where im go treat himself, he dey follow up with wetin Nigerians dey talk.

Im say some of di things wey people talk about di country don cross wetin im call "national red line." Di President say dis na because people dey dare ask question about di unity of di nation. Im say that na "step too far."

But talk talk person for di Southern Leaders Forum, Yinka Odumakin, tell BBC News Pidgin after their meeting for Lagos yesterday, say dat kind iron hand talk no be di way to use solve di problem of Nigeria now.

"President Buhari no talk well about wetin dey affect Nigeria for threaten people of red line no go solve di problem. If dem use force make people wey dey talk keep quiet, dem go go underground like Boko Haram," na wetin Odumakin talk.

Im say unity no fit dey if government dey use force or they try threaten people.

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Image example President Buhari say people dey cross national red line

Professor Banji Akintoye, a Yoruba leader wey bi Chairman, Strategy Committee of Southern Leaders Forum, talk say as far as im dey concerned, President Buhari no dey talk like Papa for di whole nation.

"I think say President Buhari suppose be Papa of di nation and no be Papa to one section of the country," na wetin Professor Akintoye talk.

John Nwodo wey bi President General of Ohaneze Ndigbo, tell BBC News Pidgin say wetin di President suppose understand be say Nigerians just want talk how their country suppose be. Im say di constitution wey di country get now na military write am.

Image example Southern leaders forum say President Buhari suppose talk like Papa for di whole nation

"Everybodi go say how e want Nigeria to be before e go work and dis na wetin we call restructuring," na so Nwodo talk.

Di Southern Leaders Forum dey talk about how President Buhari say unity of di country dey settled and no dey "negotiable."

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