UK wan study foreign students

University students wey wear graduation gown and cap
Image example West African students wey dey go UK to study don reduce

Na today di UK Home Secretary, wey be Amber Rudd, launch investigation to know di impact plus benefits wey international students get for di country society and economy.

Dem wan put eye for how students wey come from European Union and Non-European Union countries dey affect di labour market.

Di study go begin on August 24, di same day when UK publish im latest information on top immigration matter.

Ms Rudd say, "limit no dey to di number of genuine international students wey fit come UK to study, and di fact be say UK be di second most popular country for people wey wan study for university; dis na something to dey proud of."

Alistair Jarvis wey be chief executive of UK Universities still join mouth; im say "we welcome di way government take time to do this examination well-well. We hope say evidence go show say international students dey bring good thing to di UK economy."

For 2016, Lord Karan Bilimoria wey bi Chancellor of the University of Birmingham talk say "majority" of British people know say international students dey important.

Wetin dis 'international students' study go be?

  • Na UK Migration Advisory Committee go handle am
  • Di report go ready by September 2018
  • One focus of the study go be di money wey international students dey spend on top school fees
  • Dem go look if quality of education for UK citizens dey affected by international students wey dey di country
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Image example Di rules wey dey allow people enter di UK to study or live don dey change

African students dey run back to house

Study don show say out of all di international students wey go UK go read book, 95% of dem dey pack their bags go back house after them finish.

Some of di reasons wey African students dey come back be say dem no wan enter trouble with authorities. Another reason be say parents want make their pickins return as "foreign" trained, so dem go get better job.

But Yacoba Stephanie Addy-Sackey case different one kind.

She tell BBC News Pidgin say: "I bin get many issues for my first year for UK university because I be black person among classmates wey be white. Even though later e no come affect me again, I see some other Africans wey no fit cope but the main reason I come back na because my family want make I start my own business."

Ms Addy-Sackey wey bi Ghanaian wey go study for UK, still say di money wey international students dey carry go UK for school fees and to spend there dey plenty.

But she believe say e dey fair, because "even Nigerian students wey dey come Ghana sef, dem be international students and their school fees dey pass Ghanaian people own."

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