Samsung heir go enter prison

The judgement don affect Samsung shares Image copyright AFP
Image example Since the court judgement, Samsung shares don fall by 1%.

The Court for South Korea say Mr. Lee dey guilty of bribery for one matter when even make dem impeachment the before President for South Korea.

The case really touch people for South Korea, so tey many of dem come dey vex for di biggest companies for di country, wey be Chaebols.

Mr. Lee, deny all the charges against am; e don dey detention since February for corruption charges wey include bribery, embezzlement and hiding of property for overseas.

Image copyright EPA
Image example South Korean protesters dey shout slogans against Mr Lee for front of the court when dey inside Seoul

Wetin e do?

Lee Jae-Yong wen be 49-year-old, dey accused of say e give donations wey reach $36m to non-profit foundations when Choi Soon-sil dey operate, to fit get political favours.

Mr Choi na friend of South Korea former President Park Geun-hye.

But lawyers when dey defend Lee talk say im no know anything about the payments; dem go appeal against the court decision.

Lee don before agree say im company also give horse and money to help the horse riding career of Choi daughter wey be Chung Yoo-ra. But e deny say e do am to get favour.

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