Hurricane Harvey don land for Texas

Big car dey sink inside flooding for Texas Image copyright MARK RALSTON

Hurricane Harvey na the biggest storm wey don land for United States for 13 years and im don bring plenty heavy wind with am.

Experts for weather mata worry say the kain flooding wey go happen go dey very serious, even as dem don reduce im grade from category four to one.

Image copyright Joe Raedle
Image example People wey sabi weather talk say di heavy rain fit continue until next week

The fear be say some people fit don trap inside buildings wey collapse for some areas.

US President, Donald Trump, wey don already release money to help with emergency, say the people wey dey do rescue dey do well. Him enter Twitter, wia him like to dey share him mind, to say him dey chook eye for wetin dey happen for Texas.

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Houston, wey dey Texas, na one of the cities wey big pass for US and na country wey get plenty people from West or Central African countries like Nigeria.

Trump people say e possible say the president dey plan to go Texas next week.

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Image example Power company trucks dey on standby in case light go off

Oda tins wey you suppose know for dis Hurricane Harvey mata

  • Texas na state wey dey produce crude oil and 45% of US oil refining dey happen dia but dis Hurricane Harvey don affect work no be small.
  • Oil people dey worry say because of dis, shortage fit dey for fuel, wey go come make tins cost.
  • Coldplay, wey be rock music band from United Kingdom don cancel show wey dem plan for Houston
  • Three cruise ships wey carry around 20,000 passengers no fit land for city of Galveston, Texas