Houston Flood: Double wahala as dam burst

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Image example Many people for different parts of Texas dey find rescue crew to help dem.

On top of say hundreds of people still dey run from flooding wey tropical storm Harvey cause for di America city of Houston, Texas, one dam where water dey don burst, come overflow full ground.

At least nine people na im dem say don die so far, including six members from di same family wey be say flood troway their van, plus another man wey dey like over 60 years old ; im drown as e dey try swim to safe place.

Di matter don serious sotay President Donald Trump just land for Texas with im wife to take eye see everything for imself.

Governor Greg Abbott, say im want make President Trump understand wetin Texans dey go through, and di kind help wey dem need.

Mayor Sylvester Turner say di state don ask for help from di federal government "as soon as possible," to provide cots for baby dem, food and other things to help another 10,000 people wey dey area.

Mr Turner say dem no get choice but to ask di Federal Emergency Management Agency to enter di matter, because di main shelter for Texas get space for only 5,000 people.

But now e don pass 9,000 people wey dey squeeze inside there.

Im say officials go let people know where additional centers dey later today, so dat dem go fit find somewhere chook head put.

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Image example President Donald Trump and im wife dey visit Texas

Addicks dam don dey leak troway

Engineers say na Storm Harvey don push the Addicks dam pass wetin im fit handle, and dem dey try prevent di areas wey dey around from flood wey fit even swallow community finish.

Flood control official, Jeff Lindner, say di water level don rise sotay e pass di height of di dam, even as Storm Harvey don bring huge flood wey don cause serious palava for Texas, even begin affect Louisiana.

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Image example Thousands of people wey run still dey for here, wey be di George Brown Convention Center wey American red Cross don turn to shelter

Harvey na di most powerful hurricane since more than 50 years wey don hit Texas.

Sabi people say dis storm go continue to dump plenty-plenty rain for areas wey don flood, over di next few days.

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