Shock, fear don follow South Africa cannibalism case

Inside traditional healer's house
Image example Police see different-different human bodi part when dem break one traditional healer im house

People mind don cut for village of Shayamoya inside KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa, after authorities see dead-bodi wey person don pieces anyhow.

The family of Zanele Hlatshwayo, 25, wey don lost since July, feel say she be victim of cannibalism people wey don make police arrest five men.

Cannibalism na when person dey chop human being flesh.

Ms Hlatshwayo bodi don dey rotten dey go, and dem no find am until one man wey claim say im be traditional healer surrender imself to police last week.

Di man confess say im don tire to dey chop human being.

Tori be say police officers no believe wetin di man dey talk at first.

Na after the man show dem human hand and leg wey blood still full am, na im police arrest di man. dat one make police go im house wey e dey rent, and na dia police find eight ear inside cooking pot.

Dem believe say di man bin wan serve di human ears to im customers wey e tell say if dem chop am, dem go get money, power and protection.

Different-different bodi part na im dem find inside suitcase too.

Image example Na under dis rocks dem find Zanele Hlatshwayo dead-bodi

Ms Hlatshwayo family don confirm say di tear-tear cloth wey police find with blood on top am for inside di traditional healer house belong to am.

Police say dem still dey wait for DNA test results wey go show if true-true di bodi parts belong to Hlatshwayo, wey get two-year-old pikin.

Ms Hlatshwayo family dem never bury her. As BBC tori person Nomsa Maseko enter their house, na sad song and cry-cry from the family enter her ear.

"We just dey think how she beg for her life; she don die in a painful way," her elder sister Nozipho Ntelele talk as she dey wipe tears comot eye.

Image example Nozipho Ntelele, wey wear white shirt, say di way dem kill Ms Hlatshwayo dey very bad.

"All her cloth full with grass and dust, wey show say she bin dey struggle to save her life," Ms Ntelele still talk.

Bad-bad smell

The traditional healer bin dey live inside hut wey im rent for Rensburgdrift, near Estcourt.

Na "Mkhonyovu" dem dey call am. Dis one mean "di corrupt one or corruption" for di local Zulu language.

Im rent di hut from one Philani Magubane; police arrest dat one brother say im follow di traditional healer do all dis bad-bad thing.

Image example The traditional healer rent dis hut from di brother of one of those wey im follow do di canibalism waka.
Image example Police don lock the hut but person still fit see di things wey dem use for ritual through hole for the door.

"I shock well-well to see say my younger brother believe all di lie from di traditional healer mouth - e promise dem money, when im sef poor like me," Mr Magubane tell BBC.

Im say one of im tenant don dey complain say di smell of meat wey rotten don dey come out of im neighbour domot.

"Mkhonyovu pack enter dis place two months ago - I bin no now say e dey keep dead-bodi here because I no dey stay the same yard," na wetin Mr Magubane talk.

Mr Magubane feel say im brother and three other young men, enter di traditional healer hand because dem no get work.

People claim say im dey send these young men to dig grave for middle of night so im fit make magic charm wey dem dey call "muti."

Area people confess say dem eat human being

Mthembeni Majola, wey be local politician, call meeting of everybodi wey dey di area, after di cannibalism suspects first show face for court, last week.

Image example Mthembeni Majola say some villagers bin freely chop human flesh

"Most area people dey shock, and now dem dey fear," but Mr Majola still say some dey wey no too surprise.

"Some of dem don confess say dem talk to di traditional healer, and dem freely chop human being bodi," he said.

"But wetin dey vex us be say most of our people don turn to fool."

Mr Majola say Mkhonyovu customers na those wey dey thief animal like cow, wey in tell say e go make dem strong, even bulletproof, so dat police sef no go fit shoot dem.

Phepsile Maseko, wey be part of South Africa Traditional Healer's Organisation, don talk say di alleged cannibalism matter no be better thing at all.

She say "Mkhonyovu" na fake healer wey wan get money sotay im don dirty their work, give all traditional healers bad name.

Image example Phepsile Maseko says dis matter no good for traditional healers wey dey do honest work

"To dey kill people for rituals, come dey use human body no be part of traditional healing...dis thing dey vex us as traditional healers because we must always dey defend our honest work." Ms Maseko talk.

The five men wey enter court on Monday, even as people dey protest outside, no ask for bail again.

Dem go return to court for di end of September.