Sierra Leone flood: Life must continue
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Sierra Leoneans start life again after flooding

Sierra Leone victims Image copyright Reuters
Image example Sierra Leone dey bury people wey die

Flooding and mudslide don become big palava since di beginning of dis year.

Mudslide don kill plenty people for Sierra Leone, Guinea, Niger, Burkina Faso and Democratic Republic of Congo already.

Even as people still dey shock for wetin dey happen for Texas, United States, as flooding don kill many people and destroy plenty property, the same thing don already happen for other countries like Morocco, Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda and even for India.

Dis August, Sierra Leone experience di worst mudslide and flood wey dem never see before where e kill pass 500 people. Na like 800 people dem still never find and 20,000 people no get house to live again.

For the people wey survive, dem go need to find how to continue with dia life.

One man don send BBC Pidgin video wey show people dey help demself and dia neighbour for Foulah town inside central Freetown.