DR Congo: Another 28 people don die for landslide

Congo Violence Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Di disaster happen even as fight-fight still dey for parts of DR Congo; like Kasai, where dis pickin dey run from di violence

Second landslide don happen for Democratic Republic of Congo wey don kill 28 people, injure plenty others.

Dis na for inside Kolwezi main town, for di southern province of Lualaba.

Local media say people wey dey do rescue, dey for di area to help drag out people wey di landslide bury.

Kolwezi na important town where copper and cobalt mining dey take place.

E never tey when mudslide kill up to 200 people on August 16 for north-east of the country, after heavy rains make one hill to fall for a fishing village near River Albert, inside Ituri.

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