Togo don jail 15 opposition supporters

Protesters dey pursue police just before parliamentary election for September 25, 2012 Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Togo

Government for Togo don jail 15 opposition supporters to serve between five and nine months for inside prison.

Court jail dem after government carry 50 opposition supporters wey dem arrest go court on top accusation say dem destroy public property for protest wey dem do earlier this month.

Secretary General of di National Pan-African Party, Dr Kossi Sama, nai get di sentence wey strong pass. Court give am 18 months including 9 months without parole.

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Authorities for Togo talk say na two people bin die for di protest for Sokode, but opposition say na lie, say na seven people die and plenty odas injure.

New tori say opposition dey plan another protest on Wednesday, to reject government plan to change di country constitution.

Meanwhile, di National Pan-African Party, don carry complain give International Criminal Court against di minister of security and civil protection, Yark Damehane.

Dem say this na because of di way im stop di protest wey dem organise for capital, Lome, and some other towns inside di country.

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