Why China dey chop African Donkey

Donkey Kenya Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Donkey meat dey very popular for China

Di price wey dem dey take buy adult donkey for Kenya don increase with about 225% since February 2017.

Dis na because Chinese people dey find donkey meat for different, different reasons.

Donkey Sanctuary wey be non-governmental organisation (NGO) say within less than six months, price for di animal don climb from Sh 4,000 (like $38) to di current price of Sh 13,000 (like $126).

Di NGO say dis demand from people for China na because donkey no too dey for China. Na im make dem dey turn to Kenya and other African markets where donkey population still dey high.

For China, donkey meat na serious food wey many people like, and some restaurants dey wey dey serve only special donkey dishes.

Apart from to chop am, dem dey use donkey for other things, like anti-ageing cream.

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Image example Workers plenty dey produce Donkey skin for licensed slaughterhouse like dis one for Baringo, Kenya

But di main one be say dem dey boil donkey skin to make gelatin, wey dem dey put inside Chinese medicine wey be "ejiao" - people believe say dis one dey help blood flow well-well, dey help woman wey dey menstruate, and some say e dey even help people wey no fit sleep.

Donkey meat palava don make dis Ejiao dey sell for up to $370 per kilo.

Di matter serious sotay over di last year, three companies don open donkey slaughterhouses for Kenya, to dey export di main ingredient for dis ejiao.

Tori be say di way dem dey use donkey skin for Chinese traditional medicine don cut di donkey population for Africa to half, over di past 20 years.

Dem dey use donkey for different things

No be only Kenya dey get wahala with donkey meat.

For September 6, 2016 Niger ban di export of donkeys; government official tell BBC say di way Asian countries dey find donkey meat don dey threaten their donkey population.

Niger also ban anybody from killing donkey inside di county.

Na di same reason Burkina Faso give sef when dem make their own ban; those ones say e dey affect the villages and handwork of people wey need donkey to take waka about, and to do farm work.

Some other African countries wey don stop China to dey buy their donkeys na Botswana, Mali, Tanzania and Senegal and Uganda, wey be di latest to do ban just few days ago, on 24 August.

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