Why flood dey hammer Africa

Floods, Climate Change, Africa Image copyright ISSOUF SANOGO/Getty Images
Image example People dey try navigate road after heavy rain for Abidjan , Cote Ivoire for May dis year.

For January 2017, at least 10,000 people nai lose their home for Southern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Dis na after floods make one river overflow kill people and scatter towns and villages.

For February, heavy rain cause flooding for di city of Rabat and Sale for Morocco.

For di same February, cyclone Dineo land for Inhambane province for Mozambique wey cause flooding.

For May, Kenya and Tanzania no escape as heavy rain swallow many area. July na di turn of Lagos and Niger states for Nigeria.

By August, dem declare national emergency for Sierra Leone after im suffer from heavy flooding wey expert say fit be di worst for Africa for di last 20 years.

So, from Guinea, to Nigeria, Niger, Burkina Faso and Uganda, flood just dey waka about dey cause havoc all over Africa.

Wetin dey cause all dis flooding?

Some experts don blame lack of planning and poor drainage systems for some of di African countries for di floods dem but aside from that something else dey happen.

"Di weather pattern don change. Temperature dey rise, floods dey happen."

Dat na how environmentalist, Desmond Majekodunmi, take describe am. Im say di problem be say many people still dey doubt say climate change dey real.

''Scientists don tell us say if we continue to dey warm di planet di way we dey do, we go get more floods, worse sef and this na classic example of climate change," na so im talk.

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Image example People for mass burial site for some of the victims of the Sierra Leone mudslide.

Im talk say although rain been dey fall before before, but di way im dey fall now point to climate change.

Experts talk say 2016 na di hottest year for record, 2017 so far be second after 2016.

Infact na 15 of di 16 hottest years dem don record since 2000. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions dey go up, oceans dey warm and sea ice dey melt and all dis dey affect heat and rainfall record.

Experts talk say dis na di result of climate change. Too much carbon dioxide for di atmosphere don lead to global warming and na man activities dey cause am.

Burning of coal, gas and oil for power plants and cars, cutting down and burning forests na part of wetin man dey do to cause global warming.

Image copyright David Ramos/Getty Images
Image example Climate change dey also cause drought.

Wetin be di way forward ?

Almost 200 countries around di world come together for 2015 for Paris for di Climate Change Conference wey dey happen every year, dem agree say dem go move commot from di burning of fossil fuels wey include coal and oil wey dey cause this climate change.

Dis na so that global temperature go dey normal and di world go dey safe. Many countries don dey move go clean energy source like solar and wind.

Some experts don talk say di world need to work hard and fast pass wetin dem dey do now to dey able to meet di target in order to save di world.

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Image example Sea level rise dey also cause erosion along di West African coast

Mr Majekodunmi talk say urban planners now need to consider climate change when dem dey build cities, and houses. Say dem suppose plan cities in a way wey to adapt to di effects of climate change.

''West African nations wey get hundreds of millions of people for im coast, low line coast wey dey vulnerable to climate change, ocean rise and surges need to come together to say we must stop to dey burn all those bad bad fuel for di environment to avoid serious wahala.''

Im say individually, everybody get role to play, as people must dey part of nature because human being get duty to protect am.

"Di world suppose do more to protect di environment, di three key things na to reduce carbon, increas forest cover and developing countries need to do something about hydrochlorofluoro carbons wey dey Air Conditioners and Refrigerators wey also dey bad for the environment."

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