Houston Flood: Hurricane don spoil pipeline

Filling Station in flood Image copyright BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/GETTY IMAGES
Image example European marketers dey find wey to prevent wetin dem call "fuel crunch," wey be say dem fit step in to supply fuel to US

Authorities dey fear say fuel scarcity fit hit America after Hurricane Harvey shut down pipelines wey dey supply di product. Sabi people dey fear say dis one fit make petrol scarce for major US cities, including as far as New York.

As Hurricane Harvey don enter Houston, Texas, dey move into the neighbouring State of Louisiana, Di American Automobile Association say prices of fuel done already dey go up based on say petrol don dey finish for refineries inside di East Coast.

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Image example More than 32,000 people don run go enter emergency shelter for di town

This one dey happen even as explosions don happen for Texas for one chemical plant after di company wey own di chemical plant warn say that one fit happen.

How Hurricane dey get name

Hurricane Harvey don kill more than 33 people and di thing strong sotay e don drive thousands of people comot from their house.

City officials don say di rescue and clean up matter fit take up to two weeks, and dem expect plenty rain to fall for three more days from Louisiana and Kentucky.

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