US order Russia to close 3 Embassy office

Russia Consulate General, San Francisco Image copyright JOSH EDELSON
Image example Na President Barack Obama start to dey pursue workers for Russia embassy offices comot America, on top claim say Russia put hand for di 2016 US presidential election

''We want make Russia close their consulate and other buildings wey dem dey use before 48 hours," na wetin the U.S. State Department don talk.

The United States say before dem open eyes and 48 hours pass, make e be say Russia don lock their consulate wey dey for San Francisco, California and two other satellite buildings wey dey for Washington D.C and New York City.

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Image example Presidents Trump and Putin meet for G20 Summit for Hamburg, Germany and dem bin agree to dey work together, before palava start

Dis action wey United States don take na retaliation on top Russia government decision to reduce di size of di people wey dey work for di US embassy for Russia.

Last month, Moscow order di US make dem comot more than half of their diplomats, reduce am to 455 people after di two big parties for America Congress come together, nack new sanctions against Russia.

Sabi people say na dis do-me-I-do-you na im di two countries dey use pepper each other dey go.

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Image example Tension between US and Russia don dey very high

State Department spokesperson, Heather Nauert, talk for Thursday say: '"we believe say we no deserve dis action and e no good for the relationship between America and Russia."

Ms Nauert still say: ''E go make sense make we balance things wey Russia begin, so we want Russia government to close dia Consulate General for San Francisco, chancery annex for Washington D.C and di consular annex for New York City."

Na by September 2 America don give Russia to pack their load from those places, begin waka go.

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