Benue Flood: 100,000 dey homeless

Benue Flood Image copyright Ukan Kurugh
Image example Na for inside classroom people dey sleep

E don pass 100,000 people wey no get house to stay again for Benue State inside central Nigeria, after heavy rain and flooding destroy property and even farmlands dem last weekend.

One spokesperson for Nigeria National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) tell BBC say dem don send people go Benue State to help di victims, wey dey all over 12 local government areas.

Member Ayom wey speak to BBC Pidgin through interpreter say she and her children dey sleep inside one empty classroom for Padopads Harmony Secondary school, inside di capital Makurdi.

BBC gather say seven trucks, wey each get reach 30 tonnes of relief materials for di people suppose don arrive di state today.

President Muhammadu Buhari sef don release statement where im say e don dey put eye well-well on top di disaster.

Popular people never too come out on top di matter, but former Vice President Atiku Abubakar don donate N5m (like $14,000); im talk for statement say as people dey jollificate for Eid ul-Adha, make dem remember their "brothers and sisters" for Benue.

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Nigeria Flood: 'E be like graveyard'

'Di camp no help'

President Buhari for im statement say im don tell NEMA make dem face Benue quick-quick, and government go provide everything to assist di state and di communities dem to cope with di flooding.

But tori for ground bi like say di place where dem make as camp for di victims no get di necessary things inside.

Ukan Kurugh wey dey among area people wey don dey respond to di tragedy say di people "never see government hand."

Im still tell BBC Pidgin say di International Market, Makurdi, where government arrange for di people, 'no dey healthy.'

Mr Kurugh say no water, light or security, so dem no go fit stay there.

"For night, di place be like graveyard. Sleeping things no dey," na so Mr. Kurugh talk.

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