Africa week for pictures: 25 - 31 August 2017

Some of di best photos from across Africa and about Africans dis week.

People colourfully dressed at a festival Image copyright EPA

For Ivory Coast main city wey bi Abidjan, people jollificate for a festival wey dey honour di Ebrie people; dem trace their roots to di Ashanti kingdom.

Men dancing Image copyright EPA

Di 300-year-old festival inside di Abobodoume area na as dem come from the Ashanti, tribe wey many people know for Ghana. But about 20% of Ivorians dey wey dey trace their root back to groups wey dey related to di kingdom, according to EPA.

A woman sells clothes at a street market in Cairo Image copyright Reuters

On Thursday, one woman busy dey sell clothes for street market inside Cairo, Egypt.

An Egyptian man holds a sheep ahead of the Eid al-Adha at a local market Image copyright EPA

Also for Egypt, man dey hold one sheep before di Muslim sacrifice festival wey bi Eid al-Adha, inside local market for Giza city.

A scavenger carries recyclable plastic materials packed in a sack at the Dandora dumping site on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya August 25, 2017. Picture taken August 25, 2017. Image copyright Reuters

In Kenya, one man carry big sack for di country biggest dumpsite wey dey di capital, Nairobi, before dem ban di use of plastic bags.

A model strikes a pose for the "A Nasty Boy Magazine" Image copyright AFP

One male model dey pose for magazine shoot inside Nigeria largest city wey bi Lagos.

Photoshoot Image copyright AFP

The photos dem na for one magazine wey dem call A Nasty Boy; di magazine aim to push di boundary of masculinity; na so dem add dis photo of men wey dey wear mini-skirts.

A rebel soldier posing with his weapon Image copyright Reuters

One South Sudan rebel pose with im weapon on in first day of rest inside Yondu, near di southern city of Kaya.

Rebel soldiers Image copyright Reuters

The rebels bin dey prepare for attack against government soldiers wey dey based inside the town of Kaya, near Uganda border.

A migrant, who was not allowed to return to her country with other migrants for not having complete documents, cries as she is comforted at a detention center inTripoli, Libya, August 29, 2017. Image copyright Reuters

One migrant dey console another one wey dem no allow to return home from detention centre inside Libya capital wey be Tripoli.

Supporters celebrate in a street of Dakar after the courthouse has decided to release activist Kemi Seba from the Rebeuss jailhouse on August 29, 2017. Kemi Seba was arrested after he burned a 5,000 CFA franc bank note during a meeting on August 19, 2017. Image copyright AFP

On di same day, supporters of activist Kemi Seba celebrate for Senegalese capital Dakar, as dem release am after im arrest for burning CFA banknote.

Libyans dressed up in traditional costumes ride horses during a race in Tripoli, Libya, August 19, 2017. Picture taken August 19, 2017. Image copyright Reuters

On Saturday, Libyans wear their traditional cloth to compete for horse race inside Tripoli.

Images courtesy of AFP, EPA, Getty Images and Reuters

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