Nuclear test: North Korea dey provoke - Trump

North Korean leader dey inspect bomb Image copyright REUTERS/KCNA
Image example People still no sure whether di bomb wey North Korea leader dey inspect for dis picture na hydrogen bomb true-true.

United States President, Donald Trump, say im disappoint and di thing dey vex am say North Korea make di kain mistake wey dem make to go do another nuclear test.

North Korea say dem don do hydrogen bomb test and e dey powerful pass even atomic bomb. Dem also talk say dem fit load am inside long-range missile.

Di test cause earthquake and im shake ground well-well. Officials for South Korea say di earthquake dey 9.8 times strong pass di one wey happen before for 2016 when North Korea do nuclear test.

Image example "South Korea dey see for demself wetin I don tell dem before, say North Korea no ready to sidon talk peace. Na only one thing dem sabi". - Trump

Trump say North Korea behaviour dey very dangerous and na dat kain thing dey pepper people for body for Korean peninsula.

"North Korea na rogue nation wey don become serious great threat and dem don bring shame to China wey bin dey try help dem before but comot fir dia". Na Trump talk dis one.

Image copyright STR
Image example Tori people for North Korea release photo say na dia leader, Kim Jong-Un, sign di order to do nuclear test

People wey dey follow di matter say make people take corner eye look wetin North Korea dey talk but true-true, e be like say dia nuclear power don dey increase.

Even as US President, Donald Trump, don warn tire and other countries for di world don follow complain for wetin North Korea dey do, e be like say dem never ready to stop but instead, na strong head dem dey take continue dia nuclear work.

Image copyright JUNG YEON-JE
Image example People for South Korea dey fear wetin dis nuclear mean for dem.

Wetin people dey talk?

Japan, wey North Korea fire one missile pass dia country dis month, don already condemn dis latest one wey dem do and South Korean President, Moon Jae-in, don quickly arrange emergency security council meeting.

China, wey be North Korea neighbor and wey be like di main friend wey di country get, don also put mouth talk say dem no gree at all for dis new nuclear test. China say North Korea suppose follow di order wey United Nations give on top dis matter.

Foreign Minister for UK, Boris Johnson, say dis test wey North Korea do na "reckless" one, come warn say make di country no try put nuclear bomb inside missile because dat one go be another level of threat.

Meanwhile, Russia say make everybody coolu temper, sidon and discuss di matter. Dem say na di only way di matter fit settle for Korean peninsula's problems

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