Ivory Coast: Like 100 prisoners don escape

IVORY COAST PRISON Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Na still for July 2013 na im guards stand outside Maca jail for Abidjan, after three prisoners die and two guards wound on top prison break palava.

Almost 100 prisoners don carry leg pick race, escape from prison for Central Ivory Coast; something wey don dey happen before for di West African country.

Tori be say dem don re-capture at least 10 of the run-run prisoners.

Na on top national radio di news break say ninety-six prisoners escape from di Katiola jail, as security officers open gate make dem do their work on Sunday 3 September.

Sabi people never fit know whether fight-fight happen for di jail, and government officials never still put mouth on top di matter.

Dis latest jail break be like another one wey happen for February last year, where officials confirm say nine prisoners and one guard die, while at least 21 people injure, after some prisoners try to escape di Maca prison, wey be di main jail for di country commercial capital of Abidjan.

For March 2011, e reach up to 5,000 prisoners wey escape from dis same Maca prison.

Dat year dem say after shoot-shoot gun battle between rebels and officials, na so prisoners begin stroll comot di place.

Ivory Coast na di country wey dey produce cocoa pass for di world; even after palava and civil war for 2011, di country don survive, turn to one of di fastest-growing economy for Africa.