'Nigeria resident doctors strike dey wrong' - NMA President

Maiduguri hospital Image copyright Getty Images
Image example As strike don happen, long queues fit dey government hospitals, like dis one for Maiduguri, where people dey wait news of their family, for January

Resident doctors for Nigeria don begin indefinite strike today.

Dis strike wey no get closing date, go affect all government hospitals for di West African country, and thousands of patients too.

Na dis one dey worry Professor Mike Ogirima, di Chairman of di Nigerian Medical Association.

Di Nigerian Medical Association na di largest for West Africa, with over 40,000 members from 36 states, and about 19,000 members wey dey overseas.

Resident doctors na di largest members of dis association, but dem take dis decision by demself.

Professor Ogirima tell BBC News Pidgin say na today e wake up , see say di resident doctors don write letter wey tell all their members not to go work, until further notice.

"Government dey wrong to allow things reach like dis, but resident doctors too no suppose go on strike, just hours after dem don sign agreement with government wey me I witness with my eye."

Image copyright NMA Nigeria
Image example E be like say Nigerian Medical Association no support di strike action of di resident doctors

Im say because of di big number of dis resident doctors, palava go start, once Nigerians begin return from di Muslim Eid ul-Adha holiday.

"I dey beg my colleagues make dem go back to work; because once dis break finish, Nigerians go begin suffer. Recession dey, so Nigerians don suffer enough," na wetin Professor Ogirima talk.

Di Professor say make di doctors no copy university lecturers wey don dey on strike since ....

"Make we no be like ASUU (di lecturer union); if lecturers strike, then nobody go lose their life. But if doctor strike, then people must die. Make we stand by di oath wey we swear as doctors."

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