North Korea nuclear test: South Korea don fire their own

This handout photo taken on 4 September 2017 and provided by South Korean Defence Ministry in Seoul shows South Korea's missile system firing Hyunmu-2 missile into the East Sea from an undisclosed location on South Korea's east coast during a live-fire exercise simulating an attack on North Korea's nuclear site. Image copyright AFP/Getty Images
Image example South Korea say dem just test-fire Hyunmoo surface-to-surface missiles

South Korea don do their own missile drill, wey be like say dem dey attack di North Korean nuclear site; wetin many people say be do-me-I-do-you response to North Korean sixth weapons test.

Na 3 September North Korea bin run their latest weapon test, while tori be say South Korea do their own today.

South Korea own live-fire exercise show rockets dey launch from fighter jets for air, and ballistic missiles from ground.

All dis one dey happen as US don side with South Korea, draw ear for North Korea dey warn those ones say any threat go receive "massive military response."

E be like North Korea no dey hear all dis word; dem don refuse to obey United Nations sanctions and pressure from other countries - North Korea just dey develop nuclear weapons, dey test missile dey go.

In di past two months, di country wey im capital be Pyongyang don do missile test across di continent- dem send one over Japan, wey enter Pacific Ocean.

North Korea still don do stubborn-head, send missile towards di US territory of Guam.

Di matter don serious sotay UN Security Council dey hold meeting today, to discuss how dem go face di palava wey North Korea stubborn-head don dey cause.

Already, South Korea and Japan leaders don agree say UN must handle North Korea with more strong hand. Na one South Korean presidential palace spokesman talk dis one.

E never tay wey di Security Council ban North Korea from exporting anything, come still reduce investments inside di country, because of dis same missile programme matter.

Image copyright AFP
Image example Area people dey watch big video screen for street inside Pyongyang, North Korea, as newsreader dey announce say di country successfully test hydrogen bomb on September 3

Why dis drills dey important?

BBC tori person for Seoul, South Korea wey be Robin Brant say di latest drill na to show say di country don dey enter level of high alert. Their eye don dey ground, but dem test normal weapon - not di one wey be nuclear weapon.

"We training show say South Korean military ready to destroy where dis palava dey come from; we go also destroy our enemy leadership and their supporters if dem threaten the security of our people," na wetin Col Roh Jae-cheon, the army spokesman talk. South Korea Yonhap news agency na im quote am.

Di agency still say South Korea and the US don dey move towards new arrangement wey go allow dem make changes to allow South Korea double the fire power wey their ballistic missiles get.

Image copyright Reuters/KCNA
Image example Picture come out wey show North Korean leader Kim Jong-un dey inspect wetin di state media say na big hydrogen bomb

Wetin people don dey talk?

Sabi people wey be experts say Sunday test be like di biggest and most successful nuclear test by North Korea; e be like North Korea want show say dem fit make nuclear weapon.

China feel di blast of North Korea test sotay officials say dem dey do emergency radiation testing along di country border with North Korea, to check if di nuclear weapon don leak bad-bad chemical wey fit kill people.

Na with vex US President Donald Trump call di test "hostile and dangerous" thing.

Im still say America fit even stop to do business with any country wey get anything to do with North Korea.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in say na "absurd strategic mistake" North Korea don make, and im push for di UN to "completely isolate" North Korea, wey be say no country go take bodi near dem.

Meanwhile, China dey wonder why North Korea just close ear to everything wey the international community say make dem no do.

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