Somalia: 'US help us stop sell of Uranium to Iran'

Al-Shabab BBC Pidgin Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Al-Shabab dey linked to terrorist group Al-Qaeda, and dem want make only Islamic law dey for di whole of Somalia

Somalia don raise alarm, ask US for "military assistance" to stop al-Shabab militants from selling uranium to Iran.

Uranium na di main ingredient wey dem dey take make atomic bomb; dis kain bomb dey very deadly - e dey kill plenty people fast-fast.

Inside di letter, Yususf Garaad, wey be di Somali foreign minister claim say al-Shabab don capture one of di country areas wey get plenty uranium.

He say dem no only take over di area, but dem also pack everything wey dey inside di mine join.

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Image example People wey sabi say, Somalia wan use style make more US military to come stay for dia country because al-Shabab dey kill and destroy no be small

From research wey International Atomic Energy Agency bin do since, even though Somalia fit get uranium for dia land, e never develop.

BBC tori person Tomi Oladipo, talk say dis Somalia government talk get as e bi, sake of say e never dey possible to prove say wetin dem talk na so e be true-true for ground.

Somalia letter to US also talk say, al-Shabab get connection with di so-called Islamic State, but e don tay wey al-Shabab dey run tins with al-Qaeda.

Mogadishu say dem dey make urgent call to US because dem believe say di matter wey dey ground big pass di Africa union military forces dem wey dey ground for Somalia.

US never reply dis letter but local media people confirm say true-true, their government don receive di letter.

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