Nigeria: Actor Kasimu Yero don die

Kasimu Yero
Image example Kasimu Yero don dey do actor work sotay but im career turn big, for di 1980s

One correct, old actor for Nigeria film industry, Kasimu Yero, die and dem don bury am according to Islamic ritres.

Na im son Mansur Kasimu Yero announce say im 70-year-old papa die on Sunday, after e sick for long time; dem bury am 2pm for di same day.

Alhaji Kasimu Yero get many fans across West Africa because im dey act for English and Hausa language films dem.

He follow act plenty NTA series like Cock Crow at Dawn where im be di character wey dem call, Uncle Gaga and Magana Jari Ce, wey be Hausa word for 'wisdom na better thing."

Alhaji Yero also act plenty-plenty other series.

Na eight children and 10 grandchildren survive am.

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