Dis camera fit see inside human body

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Image example New camera dey detect light sources inside di body; na through dis wey e dey take work.

Scientists don develop new camera wey fit see inside human being body.

Di work of di camera na to help doctors with di equipment wey dem need to check wetin dey happen inside body.

Before now na expensive scanning and x-ray machines dem dey use check how far.

Professor Key Dhaliwal for University of Edinburgh say im hope be say dem go fit use di camera do plenty other things, for future.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Doctors design dis camera special, to help check patients as dem dey sickbed

Challenge wey dey di matter

From di first tests wey dem do, normally, di device fit track light from one point inside body reach up to 20cm of tissue.

Light beam fit pass through body but instead make e travel straight to di organ wey dey wan check, di light go scatter.

Dis na big palava, wey no dey allow di photo wey di camera take dey clear; but di experts dem say dem go continue to work on dis camera.

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