North Korea dey warn Nigeria on top Twitter?

Kim Jong-Un, leader of North Korea. Image copyright Korean Central Agency/AFP
Image example Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un fire hydrogen bomb for South Korea for early morning of Sunday September 3.

Na true say Kim Jong-Un don comot eye from di United States, South Korea or Japan sef, come face Nigeria as Im latest enemy?

Well, although one Twitter account wey di name na DPRK News Service tweet one warning like that give Nigerians, the truth be say na lie.

DPRK na short way dem dey pronounce North Korea and e mean 'Democratic People's Republic of Korea.'

Meanwhile, di fake tweet warn say Nigerians fit pay "heavy price" if dem continue to dey rude to North Korea leader, Kim Jong-Un.

Image copyright DPRK News Service/Twitter
Image example Di account dey warn Nigeria people say make dem stop to dey yab leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un or else dem go pay heavy price.

As dem see di tweet, na so some Nigerians don begin to beg say make North Korea no vex.

Image copyright Ibee Sal/Twitter

One person no fear at all.

Image copyright The Common Man/Twitter

Others no gree hear word.

Image copyright Daddy D.O/Twitter

Wetin be dis DPRK News Service?

E don tey wey dis Twitter account, DPRK News Service don dey deceive people. Upon say di account no get di Twitter verification badge, e still get reach 243,000 followers.

No be North Korea am. Di country no even get any account on top social media.

Some tori people don see say dis account na play-play account, di one wey dem dey call "parody account".

Image copyright DPRK News Service/Twitter
Image example DPRK News insult America say dem be "imbecile".

But many tori people and companies don fall mugu for dis account before.

When DPRK News Service abuse Americans on top social media when dem call Americans "imbecile", New York Times report am for dia website but di issue be say, North Korea government no talk dat kain thing at all.

Inside one interview with The Daily Beast, di person wey dey behind di account Derrick (no be im real name), talk say im no understand why some news agency still dey take am serious.

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