Nigeria: 'No talk with Ethiopian over Arik'

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Image example Ethiopian Airlines na one of di oldest, most successful airline for Africa

Di Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) don deny tori say dem bin dey negotiate with Ethiopian Airlines, to manage Arik Air, one of di most popular carriers for Nigeria.

Dis one dey inside statement wey Jude Nwauzor, di talk-talk person for AMCON take hand sign, for Lagos.

Mr Nwauzor say di corporation no know of any "current discussion or negotiation" between both airlines.

Na for 30 August na im foreign and local media begin report say Ethiopian Airlines' head for international services wey be Esayas Woldemariam, tell tori people say dem don show interest for Arik, based on request by Nigeria aviation ministry. Dis na di ministry wey dey put eye for everything wey concern plane and fly-fly for di country.

On dat day, Mr Woldemariam say dem dey ready "to take over" Arik Air.

But now, tori don change, as AMCON say dem go update country people on how dem wan take handle di airline.

Arik Air na private business before, but Nigeria government enter di matter for February, after di airline begin lose money; dem no fit pay debt wey pass N300 billion to AMCON and other people wey dem dey owe, inside and outside Nigeria.

Mr Nwauzor say government begin manage di airline because "for some time now, di airline dey carry about 55% of di load for Nigeria...but now dem no fit pay workers dem salary, and other things."

Im say na dis one make authorities enter di matter quick-quick, before Arik close down, "like many airline before dem."

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