Rwanda: Opposition leader Diane Rwigara dey under arrest

Diane Rwigara Image copyright CYRIL NDEGEYA
Image example Ms Rwigara papa die for road accident but she say no be true, say na government kill am

Police for Rwanda don confirm say dem arrest opposition leader Diane Shima Rwigara, on top forgery and tax evasion.

Her mama and sister dey for police detention too, dey face question on dis same tax matter.

E don reach almost one week since Ms Rwigara, her mama and sister vanish; nobodi know where dem dey, all dat time

Before dem vanish, government security forces bin enter her family house, surround di place. Since then, nobody don carry eye see di family again, until dis latest news.

Ms Rwigara 35-year-old accountant wey don accuse President Paul Kagame say im dey too harsh for people. She dey criticize government too, well-well.

She say Kagame party wey be di Rwandan Patriotic Front too strong, and dem no dey give chance to di opposition.

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Image example Ms Rwigara say she no fit find one of her friends now, and she dey suspect say na di government cause am

She tell BBC before di election for July say, ''…dem don close di business dem wey my family get. Dem don seize our bank accounts and dem don tell me say after di election, dem go deal with me and my supporters."

As people dey find Ms Rwigara up and down, police first talk say she no dey their hand. But now dem don say she and her family dey under arrest.

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Image example After Diane Rwigara declare say she wan run for president for Rwanda elections, she begin face attack, including naked photos of her, wey somebody put all over social media

''We dey accuse di family of tax evasion and dem say Diane Rwigara use fake documents when she dey gather signature so she fit become candidate for di presidential election,'' na wetin Theos Badege, police talk-talk person tell reporters.

Police say dem follow di law, as dem use warrant wey prosecutor give dem, arrest di people.

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Image example President Paul Kagame don rule Rwanda since 1994, after di Rwanda genocide wey be kill-kill of people.

Early dis year, di organisers of di Rwanda July presidential elections no agree allow Ms Rwigara become candidate; na President Paul Kagame win another term for office, with over 98% of di people wey vote.

Di organisers talk say di number of signature of Ms Rwigara supporters no plenty, and some of di names wey she submit sef na for people wey don die.

Ms Rwigara dis thing wey di organisers talk, no true.

Tori be say government for Rwanda no dey waste time, before dem deal with anybody wey dey opposition.

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Image example Rwanda economy and security don improve under President Kagame but human rights for there na different story

Victoire Ingabire na another opposition leader wey government arrest for 2010. She dey prison, dey serve 15-year punishment.

President Kagame win respect all over di world after im try for Rwanda as di country don get peace and economy wey strong, after di genocide for 1994 wey kill over 800,000 people.

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