Nuclear super power dey for Africa?

Dis na di nuclear power plant for Grohnde, wey dey for Germany Image copyright Heinz-Josef L├╝cking
Image example Plenty countries for di world get nuclear factory like dis one wey dey for Grohnde in Germany

North Korea dey everybody mouth now because of how dem just dey do nuclear bomb test anyhow. Di thing don vex many countries so tay dem don do emergency meeting for United Nations to find how dem go hammer dem with sanctions.

Nuclear weapon na serious matter for di world but different countries dey use am for different things. Some na to generate electricity and some na for military.

Image copyright Reuters/KCNA
Image example North Korea leader, Kim Jong-un, don test one very powerful nuclear weapon

Dem say North Korea wan by force become nuclear super power so that other countries go dey fear them.

But nuclear super power dey for Africa?

  • South Africa na di only country wey get nuclear power plant wey dey work. Koeberg Power Station dey for Cape Town, e don dey work for years without any issues.
  • Libya get before when former president, Muammar Gaddafi, been dey rule dia. But For 2003 Gaddafi agree to remove all dangerous weapon program, wey include nuclear weapon program.
  • Republic of Niger get plenty uranium. Dis thing na di major ingredient dem dey use to produce nuclear bomb. In fact, Niger get two uranium mines but, dem no get money and skill to do nuclear.
  • Nigeria been create one agency wey dia work na to handle nuclear matter for di country. The Nigeria Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NNRA) say di reason why e never develop nuclear power na lack of support, political will and money matter.

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