Nigeria recession: "All dis things na paperwork"
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Nigerian economy: 'All na paperwork' says some Nigerians

As di National Bureau of Statistics, NBS, talk say Nigeria don comot for recession, Nigerians don dey react.

For government, dis na better story wey dey sweet belle. Mr. Femi Adesina, wey bi talk talk person for President Muhammadu Buhari talk say di matter na good news wey show say di government dey work hard.

Wetin Mr. Adesina talk na one thing wey some Nigerians wey talk to Ogechi Obidiebube of di BBC News Pidgin agree with.

But some others wey talk to BBC News Pidgin no agree with wetin im dey talk. This people just dey wonder say wetin NBS and government dey talk sef?

See wetin market women and some other people talk for inside this video.

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