You go fit study Beyonce as university course?

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Image example Beyonce celebrate birthday dis week, on September 4; she don reach 35 years.

Di life of Beyonce na course wey one university for Denmark wan begin do.

Local TV station say di class don already dey full; na 75 students register quick-quick for di course.

E be like say plenty people get interest for dis "Beyonce, Gender and Race" course, sotay di University of Copenhagen don move students go lecture hall wey get more space.

Professor Erik Steinskog talk say im go use songs, videos and dance wey Beyonce don do, to teach di students.

Di professor say dis course na real one for undergraduate students wey dey do arts and culture, and di credit units for dis course fit enter dia CGP - something wey go add to their final degree certificate.

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Image example For 13 June Beyonce give birth to twins wey be Rumi and Sir Carter.

''We go put eye on top matter like gender, sexuality and race."

Professor Steinskog still say "one of di things we wan achieve na di way strong black women dey reason; because e no too common for Scandinavia countries. If we wan understand di world wey we dey, then Beyonce dey important; she dey important for world because she na one of di most popular musicians."

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Image example Beyonce no get university degree; she say na music her career be from pickin.

Professor Steinskog talk say na true say im like Beyonce, and im feel say Beyonce na good signal for di kind journey wey world music don dey waka.

This no be di first Beyonce university course.

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Image example Beyonce and her husband na di power couple for music all over di world.

Rutgers University for US start one course wey dem call "Politicising Beyonce," through their Department of Women's and Gender Studies, for 2014.

Georgetown University wey dey US also get one course about Beyonce husband too.

Dat one na "The Sociology of Hip-Hop: The Urban Theodicy of Jay-Z."

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