Heavy storm don kill fifteen people for Mauritania

Map of Mauritania Image copyright Google
Image example Mauritania na Sahel country so rain no dey fall like dat

Fifteen people don die after heavy storms land for Mauritania.

Di storms happen for villages near Boghe, wey no far from the capital, Nouakchott.

Mauritania tori agency , AMI, say like eighteen people injure for dia.

Five people die for di same family for Kiffa region, wey be like 600 kilometres from Nouakchott.

Plenty people injure because of buildings wey collapse. Di storm damage plenty property and plenty people no get house to stay again.

Tori wey we dey follow say rain fall well-well for di central and southern region for di country.

Dis na di first time for nearly twenty years wey Mauritania dey get dis kind heavy storm. Because of how dia weather be, rain no dey too fall like dat before.

We go dey update una with more tori as e dey happen.