Oral sex fit give you cancer - Gynaecologist

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Image example Oral sex na type of sex wey pesin go dey use mouth to pleasure im partner for dia private part

One Nigerian doctor, Samuel Adebayo don sound warning give kontri youths make dem no dey do oral sex sake of say e fit cause cancer of di throat.

Oral sex wey some pipo sabi as 'mouth action' na di major way to spread Human Papiloma Virus (HPV).

Dr Adebayo say dem don begin see HPV inside di throat of pipo wey dey do oral sex. Im say na women dey quick catch di virus especially those wey dey allow semen enta dia mouth. Men wey dey like suck woman private part also dey at risk of di disease.

Dr Adebayo wey be Gynaecologist for Lagos State General Hospital, Ifako-Ijaiye advice young pipo make dem try go get HPV vaccination as dis one go comot di virus from dia bodi. But e no mean say once dem don do di vaccination, dem fit dey chook mouth inside anybodi private part. Im say di best tin na to stick to one partner wey also dey clean.

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Wen BBC News Pidgin ask Dr Adebayo weda condom fit be solution to safe oral sex, im say dat one go reduce di pleasure wey di pesin go feel during di action.

"I sure say man wey dey do oral sex go prefer to dey feel di woman tongue directly on im private part and na di same too for woman wey dey use female condom dey do oral sex", di doctor tok.

Dr Adebayo say na waste of time to tell young pipo make dem stop to dey do oral sex because dem no go wan hear dat level.

Human Papiloma Virus (HPV) na virus wey fit affect pesin skin and oda parts of di bodi like di cervix, mouth, throat and inside pesin bumbum. Different types of HPV dey but genital HPV fit spread give anoda pesin fast-fast, and na from sex pesin fit catch am.

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