Ghana: Di box wey dey keep pickins from school

Ghana, Unemployment
Image example As jobs no plenty for Northern Ghana, some people see gambling as big business opportunity.

Di box no dey spectacular, but im get shine-shine lights.

Some dey get picture of footballers; sometimes, na musician dey.

Dis gambling box wey be slot machine don become popular for northern Ghana; many people don dey addicted to am, including adults and pickins dem.

One day no go fit pass without dem paying money to play game on top dis machines.

But na di way di machine don dey affect pickins, dey make people worry well-well.

BBC tori person Thomas Naadi visit some villages for north side of Ghana, where pickins below 18 years and as young as six years dey run from school. Instead, dem go dey queue, dey wait to empty their pocket to gamble.

Dis one dey affect their school work and their life sef.

As plenty job no too dey northern Ghana, apart from farming - many people don see dis one as opportunity to make fast money, even though e no dey work like dat most times.

So no be only pickin; adults too don fall for di magic wey dem feel say dey inside dis machines dem.

Image example Di gambling machines full many entertainment spots for northern Ghana.

How dis slot machines dem reach Ghana?

Tori be say na Chinese people dey distribute di machines give di Ghanaians wey go put am for shop, begin dey run am. Di thing be say, in di last three months, dis machines don spread full ground well-well.

Ghana government bin welcome China to invest for di country but for 2013, dem arrest 168 Chinese people because of suspected illegal gold mining wey cause environment and social palava.

Already, Ghana authorities don begin dey worry about dis new trend too.

Gambling for Ghana dey legal, but only for adults, and dem dey regulate am with law sotay for Accra, dem arrest three Chinese wey dey distribute slot machines illegally while dem no gree pay licence fee.

Spokesperson for Ghana Gaming Commission wey be Beatrice Baiden say dem dey very concerned about pickins wey dey gamble.

"We dey work with Ghana police, Immigration, Customs and Bureau of National Investigations to help us identify and arrest illegal operators," na wetin she talk.

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