Irma: More people dey wait for di worst hurricane ever

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Hurricane Irma waka pass too bad

People for Caribbean islands like Bahamas, Turks and Caicos islands don dey get ready as Hurricane Irma dey blow dey come and dem know say, na dem next.

Irma na category five hurricane, wey be di highest grade dem fit give hurricane. E mean say Irma dey bring strong wind and rain wey fit comot tree, car and even house.

People wey sabi say dem expect say e go land for Cuba before e reach Florida for United States.

So far, e reach like 1.2 million wey di hurricane don affect and Red Cross dey talk say that number fit increase to 26 million.

Di 35,000 people wey dey live for Turks and Caicos islands don dey prepare demself for Irma.

Governor John Freeman say dem don evacuate people for low areas wey di hurricane fit hammer pass.

"We dey try carry people comot for di island, including people wey come from other countries come do holiday".

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Image example Dutch island Sint-Maarten suffer plenty damage

Wetin Irma don already do?

At least ten people don die as di hurricane pass Antigua and Barbuda, St Martin, Puerto Rico, Anguilla and di British Virgin Islands. Authorities say di number of those wey don die, fit rise.

Barbuda Prime Minister, Gaston Browne, say im no sure say anybody fit live for inside di island again.

E first hit di two-island country of Antigua and Barbuda; Prime Minister Gaston Browne say one pickin die for Barbuda, where about 95% of all di building don damage.

"Di island don sink inside water," na wetin Mr Browne talk.

Im confirm say for Antigua wey get population of 80,000, things no too bad, and nobodi die there.

Meanwhile, na at least six people die for Island of St Martin and Saint Barthélemy - di popular French holiday destination wey dem dey call St Barts.

Local officials say Irma don destroy most of di buildings for St Martin, including their airport, wey be di third largest for di Caribbean.

Dem say area people no get drinking water or electricity, and emergency crews still dey try reach every area, to help people.

Image copyright Reuters
Image example Puerto Rico dey feel di storm too

Britain don respond

United Kingdom dey put eye on top wetin Hurricane Irma dey do.

International Development Secretary Priti Patel say: "Britain don already send humanitarian experts, and British navy ship wey get 40 Royal Marines and Army Engineers, plus vehicles, tents and things wey fit make water clean."

All dis one na to help di people wey dey suffer pass, on top di Hurricane.

How Hurricane dey get name

Image copyright Nasa/Reuters
Image example Dis na how Hurricane Irma look from space, as e begin near Puerto Rico

Right now, Hurricane Irma don dey blow pass Puerto Rico - na di US National Hurricane Center confirm dis one.

Hurricane Irma don cause damage

Na like three million people dey stay Puerto Rico, and now, more than half of di people there no get electricity, as Irma don comot power, and officials say na so things fit be for di next few days.

For today, dis powerful storm wey dey blow wind speed of 295km per hour fit pass near di Dominican Republic.

Meanwhile, US don dey comot tourists and area people from Florida Keys.

Di US state of Florida, Puerto Rico and di US Virgin Islands don declare state of emergency, di governments dem don dey gather relief materials for di victims.

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