Togo: Why people no want Faure Gnassingbé

Protesters 06 September 2017 Image copyright AFP
Image example People wey dey protest say dem don tire for "Gnassingbé dynasty"

Today na di second day of protests for Togo; ten thousand people bin march enter street for di capital, Lomé, on 6 September to say make President Faure Gnassingbé comot from office, where e don dey since 2005.

Na opposition parties dem join bodi with civil society organisations, to organize di demonstration.

Plenty people inside and outside di country surprise, because e never happen like this before, say people go come out, raise their voice.

Di main thing wey protesters dey talk na say President Gnassingbé and im Papa don rule Togo for di last 50 years.

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Image example Some of di people wey march enter street wear t-shirt wey get message for President Faure Gnassingbé say make im resign

'Free Togo'

Plenty people wey march wear di red, orange and pink colours of di opposition parties, as dem dey shout and sing: "Free Togo."

Faure Gnassingbé become President after im Papa wey be Gnassingbé Eyadema die; dat one siddon for office for 38 years.

Even as government bargain to change Togo law so dat any President go fit enter office for only two terms, protesters no gree; dem say make President Gnassingbé first comot.

Tori be say opposition parties also say dem no go stop, until government release all their people wey dey prison, after di same kain protest bin happen last week.

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Image example Dis protester carry sign wey talk say im no support anybodi wey dey rule by force

BBC Afrique tori person wey be Arwa Barkallah say di protests don dey happen inside plenty cities, mainly Lomé, Sokodé and Mango.

But for Kara, di third biggest city inside northern Togo, government supporters no allow opposition people to march enter street for there.

As e be so, internet speed dey slow and e dey hard to even use social media for inside Togo.

Government Minister Gilbert Bawara don confirm say true-true, na government disconnect internet browsing.

Im say even for countries wey don develop, government dey control how people dey use telecommunications sometimes.

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