No be only religion dey make people join Boko Haram and al-Shabab- UNDP

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Image example al- Shabab dey worry for East Africa

Almost two out of three people wey join groups like Boko Haram and al-Shabab for Africa say na government action make dem join.

Dis na wetin one report wey United Nations Development Programme -UNDP wey come out today talk.

Di report also find out say people wey no too get religious education dey more likely to join these kind groups, than those wey study more.

Dis report get weight well well, and UNDP talk to 495 people wey carri their two leg waka go join these Islamic extremist groups.

Most of dem join Boko Haram for West and al-Shabab for East Africa.

UNDP hope say dis dem finding go help government to fit prevent extremism for Africa.

UNDP Africa Director Abdoulaye Mar Dieye talk say di study don sound alarm say as a region, Africa dey open to violent extremism.

"E dey urgent to bring a strong development focus to security challenges," im talk.

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Image example Nigeria military still dey battle Boko Haram for north-east of di country

Di report find out say na wen security people kill or arrest family member or friend nai dey make people join dis groups pass.

And half of di people wey talk for dis report, join one month afta dem meet dis extremist group.

Many of di people wey join, talk about how dem no dey happy for childhood or how their parents no look dem well.

Di report also find out say people wey get higher level of Islamic education dey 32% less likely to join dis kind group, dan those wey study less.

Unlike for other parts of di world wey people fit join dis kind groups through internet, for Africa na face-to-face.

For those wey wan leave dis kind groups, most of dem wey surrender or want make dem forgive dem, say na afta dem lose confidence for wetin di group mean, di leadership or dem actions.

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Image example Di report say dis 'extremist groups' dey affect investment for Africa

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Although more than half of di people wey talk for di report say na religion make dem join, 57 percent of dem also admit say dem no too understand religion well well, or say dem no dey even read religious books at all.

UNDP say e be like say about 33,300 people for Africa don die because of violent attack between 2011 and early 2016.

Boko Haram operation don kill about 17,000 people and make about 2.8 million to scatter for Lake Chad region.

Dis kind attack don also affect tourism and foreign investment for countries like Kenya and Nigeria.

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