Sharapova: 'I make Serena Williams cry'

Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova Image copyright Julian Finney
Image example Sharapova nack Williams for di Wimbledon final for 2004 when she be 17 years

US tennis player Maria Sharapova don write new book, and one of things wey dey inside am na di bad-belle wey dey between her and Serena Williams.

Maria Sharapova return to tennis dis April, after she do 15 months punishment, on top illegal drugs wey dey her bodi, to make her play well-well for tennis competitions.

Di book start from di time when she enter wahala over di illegal drugs, and e full di book till di end.

But one of di things wey don make people all over di world dey talk, na wetin she write about Serena Williams, di tennis star wey just born her first pickin.

For dis book wey she call ''Unstoppable: My Life So Far,'' Sharapova no shy at all.

People Magazine for US wey don read di book say, Sharapova write dis: "me and Serena suppose be friends, because na di same kind thing we dey get mind for. But we no be friends; I feel say we dey inspire each other."

Image copyright Kevork Djansezian
Image example Di Women Tennis Association give Sharapova 15-month ban for 2016, after she test positive for meldonium, one drug wey World Anti-Doping Agency don name as illegal since January 2016

Sharapova open all her mouth, talk about di time she nack Williams for Wimbledon final, come win di women's title for di first time.

Later dat day, Sharapova say she see Williams for changing room, as water dey flow like tap from her eyes.

Sharapova say: ''I quickly comot, because l no wan make she see me, but e don already late."

Sharapova feel say dis defeat and di crying wey she see pain Williams, so tay Williams decide to become di best woman tennis player for history.

''l feel say Serena no like me because l be person wey no get body like dat, but like film trick I beat her for Wimbledon. Di bad blood come reach gear five, after l hear her dey cry."

Serena Williams: 'Na Girl!'

Image copyright AFP/Getty Images
Image example Maria Sharapova return to tennis April 2017 and reach di fourth round for di 2017 U.S Open but Serena no dey di competition.

Sharapova add say dis same situation come make Williams hate her, because she hear when Serena tell one of her friend say she no go ever allow Sharapova beat her for tennis again.

"When people dey wonder why e dey always hard me to beat Serena because she don beat me 19 times, while me don win her only two me, di answer na wetin happen for that locker room."

Sharapova say e fit dey possible for future say both of dem go do friend-friend with each other, after dem retire.

US Open 2017: Fresh faces for di finals

Her book suppose come out on September 12, after dem for don finish di US Open for dis year.

Williams don win 23 Grand Slams now, something wey be big record for tennis, while Sharapova don win just five in total.

Image copyright Mike Hewitt
Image example Maria Sharapova come from Russia and she bi one of only ten women for Russia wey don win Grand Slam title

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