UK girl donate organs to eight people

Jemima Layzell Image copyright LAYZELL FAMILY
Image example Jemima organ help five pickin dem, for Britain

One 13-year-old girl wey die after she get brain aneurysm don help eight people, after she donate di organs wey dey her body; something wey don break record for Britain.

Jemima Layzell from Somerset, wey die for 2012, donate her heart, pancreas, lungs, kidneys, small bowel and liver to five children wey need am.

Organ donation na something wey dey happen well-well for developed countries all over di world. When person die, if im don give permission before-before, then doctors go harvest di organs quick-quick, give am to those wey need new organ to save dem life.

Di National Health Service wey dey in charge of health for Britain just announce say nobody don donate organ reach Jemima.

Jemima Mama, Sophy Layzell, and her Papa Harvey Layzell, say dem know say Jemima go happy as dem agree make she bi donor.

Dem talk say she bi good girl wey clever, dey like to help people, and she dey creative.

Jemima collapse as dem dey arrange birthday party for her Mama; na so she die four days later, for hospital.

Image copyright LAYZELL FAMILY
Image example Jemima parents don start charity wey go promote donation for organs

Na three people get her heart, small bowel and pancreas, while two people get her kidneys.

Dem divide her liver into two, give two people and one person collect her two lungs.

Her parents say Jemima don talk about donation just three weeks before she die; e dey her mind because person wey she know, die inside accident.

Sophy say; ''Organ donation na new thing for Jemima just before she die, even though di thing dey do am one kind; she understand why e dey important.''

''Before l donate Jemima organs, l reason am because e dey hard for me, but na di right thing."

Even though organ donation common all over di world, for Nigeria e still dey rare, according to Professor Christopher Bode, di former Chief Medical Director (CMD) of Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH).

Professor Christopher Bode don tell local newspaper say many patients wey need organ transplant no get choice but to get am from family members or if dem travel go Malaysia and India, e say dis na serious problem for medical experts wey dey try save lives.

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