Togo Protest: Wetin we know

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Dis protest na di one with di most crowd, for di country history.

More than one hundred thousand people enter streets for Togo, dey protest against 50 years of rule by di Gnassingbé family.

Dis na di largest we-no-go-gree demonstration wey di West African country don take eye see, for long time.

Tori be say citizens dem don tire for wetin dem call di "Gnassingbé dynasty" because na since 1967 na im Eyadema Gnassingbe (di president wey don die) use force become President of Togo, and na im pickin enter office after am. Dis one mean say na only papa and pikin don rule Togo for more than five decades.

Wetin Togo dey protest for?

  • Na since August 2017 opposition and civil society begin protest again for Togo
  • Di people dey protest against President Faure Gnassingbé, wey don siddon for office since 2005
  • Dem also want di government to obey di 1992 constitution wey approve only two terms of five years each, for any president

Wetin we know?

Di last time dis kind protest against government happen na for 1993; people no plenty reach dis 2017 own.

For di 1993 protest, people vex because former President Eyadema Gnassingbé sack everybody for im government. People die, and fight-fight dat time make people even run go other countries.

For dis August 2017 protest, some opposition people die, and na like 13 people wound, when soldier begin shoot di protesters.

E don reach 150,000 people wey enter street protest for Lome, di capital. Protests don happen too for Sokodé and Mango.

Government no happy with di protest so dem cut Internet for di country and di people no fit enter social media. Minister Gilbert Bawara confirm say true-true, na government disconnect Internet browsing.

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Image example People wey dey protest say dem don tire for "Gnassingbé dynasty"

Na for 2002 na im Eyadema (President Faure Gnassingbé Papa) give order make di country stop to use di 1992 constitution wey allow only two terms of five years inside office for any president.

Dat order allow President Eyadema Gnassingbé to contest for di third time; im win as president for June 2003, but e die for 2005.

Na dat time (2005) military put im pickin, Faure Gnassingbé, as President; after two years Faure win election as President for 2007; e win again for 2012.

For April 2017, President Faure Gnassingbé win another election, come begin third term as President for Togo - na since then di people, especially opposition and civil society, begin vex.

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