Niger say big flood fit enter Benin and Nigeria

House wey flood don destroy Image copyright BOUREIMA HAMA
Image example Flood for Niger don make government to provide place to stay, for those wey di flood drive comot house

Di Niger Basin Authority (NBA) don draw ear, give warning to Benin Republic and Nigeria say serious flooding fit happen anytime from now, as di River Niger don dey begin overflow.

As River Niger don already dey flood Niger, na im make dem raise alarm, as countries wey dey downstream of di River Niger, like Benin and Nigeria, fit begin see suffer-head if dem no prepare well-well.

Na Soungalo Kone from di NBA talk dis one for local television say: "we dey beg all di people wey dey live in the direction wey (di Niger River) dey flow... because di water just dey continue to dey rise."

Di NBA don issue di second highest alert level of orange, say flooding fit continue for Niger and Mali for di months wey dey front.

Lawan Magadji wey be di minister of disaster management for Niger still talk say: "na just hours e fit take for di alert to change enter red - di water fit just rise sharp sharp."

Na Magadji don also talk say flood don already dey affect villages and parts of Niger capital of Niamey.

So, wetin be di flood situation for di countries wey dey by River Niger?

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Image example The river Niger dey pass through four countries wey be Nigeria, Mali, Niger and Benin Republic


River Benue bin swell by di end of August, come flood Benue State for Nigeria sotay di flood pursue more than 100,000 people run comot from house.

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Image example Nigeria Federal Government don talk say dem go clean di River Benue, so dat something like di recent Benue flood no go happen again


Over di past three months, more than 40 Niger people don die, and thousands of others no get house to stay again, as floods don dey give dem serious palava, even for parts of di capital wey be Niamey.

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Image example Niger don dey comot people from di place wey flood fit catch dem


More than 7,000 people dey affected by floods wey happen for di north of Mali since rainy season bin start, for June 2017. Up to 26,000 animals wey dem dey use for food and market die when flood come carry di animals from where dem bin dey chop grass. Di place where di flood affect pass na for Timbuktu, as dem lost almost all di animals wey dey di area and about about 66% of all di area people na im suffer for dis matter.

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Image example More flooding fit come Mali, as rainy season never end