Nigerians dey react as Army wan fight secessionists

Plenty Biafra supporters dey wave flags and sing songs as dem dey march enter streets for Aba, southeastern Nigeria.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Plenty Biafra supporters dey wave flags and sing songs as dem dey march enter streets for Aba, southeastern Nigeria.

People for southeast Nigeria enter social media no too happy, as dem hear say Nigeria Army wan begin fight secessionists for di region, starting dis Friday 15 September until 14 October 2017.

Tori be say Army wan start wetin dem call special operation to stop "violent agitations by secessionists" and other criminals inside di southeast part of di country.

Secessionists na people wey wan use force break away from di country.

Most of di word wey people tell BBC Pidgin on top dis matter show say people get different mind about di operation.

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Wetin other people talk

  • "Dem don turn di tin to play-play and lawlessness...... So, e nor be joke again for di government."
  • "We know say South East Nigeria na di most peaceful place for di whole country so I no know why army go come full there as if dem dey fight war, meanwhile Boko Haram dey kill people for Northeast."
  • "Why dem wan use strong-hand when di secessionists no dey use violence? Even for Spain, people wey dey look for dem own country dey there, but the government no use katakata follow dem. As long as dem remain peaceful, make government use sofri resolve the matter."
  • "I no support di agitation but why Govt wan use Army fight people wey di only weapon we dem get na their mouth and brain? Dem don fight Boko Haram finish? For me government for allow court to talk on Kanu matter, instead of use of force."
  • "Make di Nigerian Army go learn from Togo. Togolese are on the street, dey vex for di government and dem army no flex muscle for dem. E no bad make person say I no wan sleep for your house again."

Reasons wey Nigeria Army give

Chief of Training and Operations for Nigeria Army wey be David Ahmadu say di name of dis operation na Python Dance II, and e go last at least one month.

Major-General Ahmadu still talk say na di 82 Division for di Army go conduct di operation for Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo states wey dey inside south-eastern Nigeria.

Na mainly di Igbo tribe dey di south-east part of Nigeria, and for there some people don dey protest for street, say dem want freedom to form dia own country wey dem call Biafra.

Di Army say Python Dance II dey relevant, because for di south east region of Nigeria, many things dey happen; di kill-kill even inside church, di attack and thief-thief of weapons wey security officers dey face, plus di kidnappers dem and by-force campaign wey some group of people dey do to break away from di country plus other crime dem.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

One woman hold Biafran flag for church inside Aba-South district, Abia State Nigeria