Nigeria: Quick tori about di 1967-1970 civil war

Biafra card
Image example After di civil war, those wey surrender collect cards wey dem write "defunct Biafra" on top; dis one mean former Biafra.

Tori be say Army wan start wetin dem call special operation to stop "violent agitations by secessionists" and other criminals inside di southeast part of di country.

Secessionists na people wey wan use force break away from di country. Di latest operation na something wey connect with palava wey dey ground since di civil war of 1967-1970.

How Nigeria don waka

1960: Nigeria collect independence from di United Kingdom

1967: Di South-eastern part of Nigeria comot demself as Republic of Biafra on 30 May

Na dis same year war start, as Nigerian military officer, Odumegwu-Ojukwu, declare di "First republic of Biafra."

1970: Ojukwu Biafra government surrender say dem no fight again.Nigeria Army don ready to move into southeast Nigeria, from 15 September 2017.

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