Nigeria: Secession matter no be today

Nnamdi Kanu
Image example Nnamdi Kanu na di latest secessionist wey claim say im wan get im own country wey be Biafra

More than one million people na im die during the 1967-70 war wey happen between Nigeria government, and forces from southeast of di country, wey dey fight to dey their own country wey dem call Biafra.

Most of di people wey die, na because of hunger and disease.

Now, forty years later, Biafra matter don enter Nigeria again, as BBC tori people say groups wey wan break away from Nigeria don dey attract di support of young people.

For 5 November 2012 na at least 100 people na im police arrest, charge dem for treason inside south-eastern Nigeria after dem march enter street say dem support independence for Biafra.

Di people call demself di Biafran Zionist Movement, come raise di Biafran flag, dey waka through one major town wey bi Enugu.

Most of those wey dem arrest na young men but some na veterans, wey fight for di civil war.

But later, government release all dis people, come drop di charges against dem.

Two years later...

Nnamdi Kanu form wetin im call di Indigenous People Of Biafra (Ipob), for 2014.

Di movement dey for some states for south-east Nigeria, wey get mainly people from di Igbo ethnic group.

BBC tori person, Stephanie Hegarty, say Mr Kanu na di latest Biafran activists wey dey take up di idea of separatism, to form their own country.

Since 2017, Mr Kanu bin get court case with federal government too, over charges of treason.

For July 2017, powerful Igbo leaders for Nigeria join mouth say dem reject calls make dem create di new state of Biafra for their ethnic group in the south-east.

Many people don say di way dem open mouth help to reduce di tension and bad-belle between different ethnic groups for Nigeria.

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