Nigeria: Former Arik ogas wan sue over Ethiopian takeover

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Image example Ethiopian Airlines be di biggest one for Africa

One source for Arik Airline Nigeria don confirm to BBC News Pidgin say former directors wan sue federal government of Nigeria, after Ethiopian airline waka come buy Arik from Nigeria hand.

Tori for Nigeria local media bi say di directors dey vex, as federal government no involve dem before dem go talk to Ethiopian Airlines about di takeover of di airline.

Na so dem drag government go court, say make both Nigeria government and Ethiopian Airline ready to pay de, N20bn.

Nigeria no get national carrier but private airlines dey operate.

Arik airline dey among West Africa largest airline and e dey carry 55% of di load for di sector.

But after Arik begin get problem, begin dey owe plenty money including workers salary, federal government of Nigeria through di Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) take over di operation of di airline for February 2017 so that e no go close down, like plenty others before am for di country.

Tori bin come out about two weeks ago say Federal Government of Nigeria dey talk to Ethiopian Airlines to come buy Arik Air, begin control am.

But AMCON don come out, deny all dis report.

Nigeria: 'No talk with Ethiopian over Arik'

Talk-talk person for AMCON wey bi Jude Nwauzor don also talk to BBC News Pidgin about this latest tori. Im say di court case no mention AMCON.

''I no know if federal government dey talk to Ethiopian Airline; I no dey talk for federal government - I dey talk for AMCON and we don say we no dey any current talk with Ethiopian Airlines.''

Mr Nwauzor also talk say their position na to recover their money from Arik.

E talk say AMCON go return di company anytime dem get their money back.

''When we take over for February, we put team down, including audit firm to make sure say money no lea troway, and to chook eye for other issues, until dem report back to us, we no go fit say wetin we go do. But we don improve things for Arik, dey pay workers dem salary, because we know di implication for Nigeria economy," na wetin im talk.

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